Shit Shirt Sundays Playlist


The shit shirts. You know the ones that appeal to you on
some level but they’re a bit out there, and would people look at you walking
down the street rocking it under skinny jeans somma dem air force ones or Nike
air Max or the classic Reebok classic? Or are you gonna look cooler than being
cool ice cold?

Tis risky business

Trendy dickhead, shuffling wannabe or avant garde hipster? Are
you wearing your Mam’s Easter Sunday shirt or did you copy it from Nine Crows?

Perhaps we’ll never know.

However, the soundtrack to aforementioned walk (strut) down
the street is unquestionably kool. Have a look… cause you know… you probably
haven’t heard of them…

Here’s a taster of whats in store, follow the links for the full playlist.

Listen to our full YouTube playlist here:

Sadly not all the remixes are on Spotify but 7 out of 10 are on our playlist here:

Author : Fenagh O’Mahoney Instagram: @feengurrl_/

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