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A global music platform for musicians to meet, collaborate and grow their music network. Taking the success factors behind dating apps like 'Tinder' and applying them to the music world connecting musicians globally and locally. Whether you want to find someone to jam with or find musicians to create a band or fill a band position, JamForest can help. All you need to do is enter your credentials, set your search preferences such as instrument, genre, age, gender and distance. JamForest returns the matched profiles for you, listen to their SoundCloud tracks, watch their YouTube videos, choose a profile that stands out to you and message them. Create your digital music profile and connect with other musicians, no matter where you are.

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Genesis Sessions



Each Genesis act came in to record an acoustic performance during the day in different settings within the church.

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Each Genesis act performed that night to a live audience in Triskel Church, we recorded one live performance from each act.



We played some interesting games with each act and got some very good ‘Would You Rather’ responses!!!

Genesis was the first of many JamForest live music events. Filming took place in the beautiful Triskel Church in Cork city. We showcased five acts from across Ireland, they each performed an acoustic session, a deep down & dirty interview and a live session of a one track performance from the night that on March 11th 2017. Each video takes place in different settings within the church. Acts: Mongoose, Naoise Roo, Tigwara, Neev Kennedy and Actor Actor.

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